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graywolf S glass blanks

S-glass in a cool black cloth for an unpainted and unground finish, which is very tactile. These are smooth loading and deceptively powerful rods, as their heritage moniker suggests they are a more traditional Glass action. This means rods that you cast with a relaxed rhythm; they don’t want to be hurried yet will put out a long line when required. They bend deep and protect light tippets while bringing plenty backbone to the fight. The essential bases are covered by the range available, from classic sizes to specifics.


6623. The ideal small stream rod. Short, compact and quick shooting. Loads in close but has enough power to throw a dry fly with bead head dropper under overhanging branches.

703. If you are flicking tiny nymphs or dries to those mountain brookies, or perhaps the vegetation on your blue line is heavily overgrown and you will spend all day rolling the flies around, unable to get a proper back cast, this is the rod. Load with a 3wt line and it becomes the small water rod of choice for those of you who need to do more roll and switch casts and other tactical presentations like Bow and Arrows.

764. This is a delightful Dry fly rod, that is as happy casting a modern 3wt line as it is a classic 4wt.Super smooth with a delicate touch, it excels at presenting a single dry on a long leader to a spooky fish. Think, Driftless, where you are stalking a fish, holding in the flow, taking duns as they float past his nose, and you get to make that one, upstream cast. Perhaps it’s a Freestone where you have a regular feeder in the back eddy, picking off spent spinners or caddis, it requires a small curve cast to get the fly into position. This is the rod for that job, an extension of your arm, the fly will follow your eye and you will have total control of the presentation.

805. A true 5wt all-rounder, this rod is as happy casting a single dry to a rising fish as it is throwing an indicator nymph rig or even a weighted streamer. If ever there was a single rod that you need, this would be the one. As smooth as a hot knife through butter, the potential for huge line speed is always within your control. A true reflection on what Classic glass did best, some things don’t change, and this rod will make you wonder what progress really means. Some may consider it a western orientated rod with the Yellowstone River firmly in its sights, but the reality is it will do the job on almost any water, in any conditions.


Don't forget to add a rod tube!

Graywolf Heritage Black S Glass Blanks

  • Premium quality at a fair price. Love it or your money back. 7 days for you to have a look and a wiggle, if you don’t think this blank is worth every penny, contact me, return it and we will issue a refund less shipping cost.

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