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graywolf yellow glass

Outstanding NEW Woven E glass blanks. The original and still awesome. We didn't change much from the intro of these wonderful tapers that initially hit the market in 2008. An upgraded prepreg and a slightly more delicate taper, these new blanks will build into your favorite glass rod. All models are 3pc - Excluding the 5023.


5023. This 2 section 5'0" 2/3wt blank is perfect for the home waters fly fisher, loads in close, easy to carry and fishes perfectly.


6623. The ideal small stream rod. Short, compact and quick shooting. Loads in close but has enough power to throw a dry fly with bead head dropper under overhanging branches.

703. If you are flicking tiny nymphs or dries to those small brookies,  this is the rod. 

764. Super smooth with a delicate touch, it excels at presenting a single dry on a long leader to a spooky fish. 

805. A true 5wt all-rounder, this rod is as happy casting a single dry to a rising fish as it is throwing an indicator nymph rig or even a weighted streamer. If ever there was a single rod that you need, this would be the one.


Don't forget to add a rod tube!

Graywolf Heritage Gold E Glass Blanks

  • Premium quality at a fair price. Love it or your money back. 7 days for you to have a look and a wiggle, if you don’t think this blank is worth every penny, contact me, return it and we will issue a refund less shipping cost.

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